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Spread out over 435 acres, the OKC Fairgrounds hosts nearly 200 events, annually. Events include: world-class equine and livestock events, conventions, consumer trade shows, sporting events, concerts, banquets, retreats and more. Our facility’s versatility and flexibility, combined with our dedicated staff, meet the needs of any type of event.

All new events must fill out an RFP.


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General information and policies governing events at the OKC Fairgrounds are listed here for convenience. This information is subject to change without notice; please check regularly for the most current information. 

  2020 Rental Rate Sheet

  Equipment & Services Price List

  SFP Booking Policies

  SFP Event Handbook

  OKC Fire Marshal Regulations

   OKC Fire Marshal Special Event Notification Form

   OKC Fire Marshal Fueled Vehicle Displayed Form

  OKC County Health Regulations

  Health Department Special Event Coordinator Application

  Helpful Hints for Event Vendors

  Phone/Wired Internet Order Form for Event Vendors

  Wi-Fi Information